Ulf Örterström

Naturopath, Homeopath and Coach.

”My greatest passion and driving force in life is to guide, teach and work with my clients on how we can create a positive change in their life, that will improve their mental, physical and spiritual(emotional) health.”

I work with Ayurveda, Iridology, homeopathy, pulse reading and coaching.

  • Doctor of Naturopathy/Natural Medicine – N.D./N.M.D., Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, India
  • The Brain’s Biochemistry, University of Stockholm, Sweden
  • Entry level medical education,  Axelsons Institut, Sweden
  • Ayurvedic Health Advisor,  Scandinavian Ayurveda Academy, Sweden 
  • Mastery in Coaching,  Akademy Coachstjärnan, Sweden
  • Professional Certified Coach,  Akademy Coachstjärnan, Sweden
  • Coaching Practitioner,  Coach2Coach, Sweden
  • Homeopathy,  Paracelsus School, Sweden
  • Iridology,  Paracelsus School, Sweden
  • Polarity Therapy,  Paracelsus School, Sweden
  • Dr.Bach Flower Remedies,  Paracelsus School, Sweden
  • Eklöf’s Herbal Education,  Health Methodology, Sweden
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Financing, Accounting and Auditing, University of Stockholm, Sweden
  • Project Management, Stockholm University, Sweden
  • Leadership Training, Engineer troops Cadet School, Sweden

Member of the Swedish Naturopaths Association

“We will start with your life situation and you as a person, to motivate and help you to reach a better mental and physical health.”

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